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We believe that a tattoo is a personal accessory you get to wear for the rest of your life. Our Process starts with a Consultation, which can be done either in person or online. We get to know the client, combine ideas, and give a clearer perception of what can and cannot be done in a tattoo. We strive to create a unique work of art that you can wear for a lifetime, and consultations help the artist give a more personal touch to your idea.


After the consultation is done and we agree on the design, placement and size of your project, you can book the tattoo session/s on a booking fee basis*. Once the deposit is made, we start with the designing process. 

*T&C apply.


Taking care of your fresh tattoo is a crucial part of the process, and will affect the actual end result. We always provide full aftercare information once the session is over.

  • Once the session is done, we will clean your tattoo with an antibacterial soap and let it dry for a couple of minutes

  • A Premium Tattoo Film will be applied to the Area (Tattoo Films promote over 70% faster and easier healing)

  • Keep the sheet on for a maximum of 7 days. If you feel any sort of irritation or discomfort with the Tattoo Film, please advise the artist and remove it immediately

  • Once the Tattoo Film is removed, start applying the recommended Tattoo Lotion as directed by the artist

  • Your Tattoo should be fully healed withing 3-5 weeks

  • During the Aftercare Process:

    • Do not swim in pools or sea​

    • Do not use saunas or Hot Tubs

    • Avoid Direct Sunlight

    • Do not apply sunscreen

    • Do not Scratch or Pick on the tattoo

    • Always make sure your hands are clean when you touch the tattoo to clean it

    • Always wash with lukewarm water

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